Friday, September 4, 2015

Congrats Beaconhouse!

In November 2015 it will be the 40th Year of Beaconhouse. Having moved from a Montessori that Mrs Nasreen Kasuri opened in Lahore, it is now the world's largest chain of schools with institutions in many different countries.

Mrs Kasuri has handed the Schools to her son, Kasim. His younger brother, Nassir, is the Regional Director in the North Area.

This year there will be three conferences by Beaconhouse: Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi. They will be open to the Public, when, in the past these 5 year conferences were only for the people within Beaconhouse. I have been helping them from their very first conference and am a Consultant, again, for this one.

Speakers and Panelists come from all over the world to these conferences and many more will come this year. Be sure to attend them if you are in one of these cities.


It will be 26 years since the following article appeared on The Friday Times. KK's Micro Magazine was brilliant. He and his cousin, Mehreen Kasuri, worked very hard to keep it going.


Click on the article to enlarge it.
Use the Magnifier to make it even bigger.

Micro had an "International Computer Exhibition" that he still laughs about for all the things they did.  I was part of the Exhibition, getting some speakers and a couple of exhibitors. Sabeen Mahmud, who was at Kinnaird College then, used to appear at the Micro Office and help me with her Apple Computer.


Mrs N Kasuri and her sons are my two separate set of friends.

(I met Mr Khurshid Kasuri formally after I met Mrs K,
and was surprised to find that he and I were at GC, Lahore at the same time,
in the same year, in different classes.)

Congrats to them all.


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