Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sabeen and The Friday Times

In 1992, soon after Sabeen had joined Kinnaird College (Lahore), she was featured in TFT's Eye Catchers. She had a an early Mac Computer that she'd taken there. She couldn't live without it. She ended up paying the College Rs 140 per month, 'because it takes too much electricity', said the Superintendent. But having the computer on payment, she decided to do the college magazines and ran to printers and had it published and distributed. The college made her do all this because she loved it. But it never stopped charging her the Rs 140!

When I read this piece I was surprised that she wanted to join my company, This was the first 'job application' I had received via a newspaper :)

The company that they mention, where she learned a lot, was also my company - Solutions Unlimited - now run by my wife, Nuzhat. Sabeen had become part of it while trying to study computers from one our employees … and stayed there every moment she got.

She was brilliant!

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Sabeen stayed on until I moved and formed BITS (Beyond Information Technology Solutions), giving away Enabling Technologies to Jehan Ara (now at P@SHA and the Nest I/O). But before she and I moved to BITS, she had done superb work at ET: The IBM CD, the 50 Years of Art CD, and the excellent Faiz CD: Aaj Kay Naam. None of these have ever had an equivalent in Pakistan.

In a few years I decided that she'd done so much for me and the industry that I gifted her 50% of my ownership of BITS … and she and I became partners.Years later she decided to form an NGO and took over the 2nd Floor office where I'd had part of my company.

She was also featured in a Salma Warraich article when she opened T2F (The Second Floor) on Khayaban-e-Ittehad at the age of 23 …

Sabeen was the most amazing person I've ever met!

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