Tuesday, August 4, 2015

When I was a TFT Cartoonist …

I made a strip of  cartoons for the The Friday Times, from 1990 to 1993 … you'll see most of them in my Cartoon Blog coming up fairly soon.

The Blog will be called SignsOfTheTimesAndMore.blogspot.com - partly because Jugnu Mohsin or Najam Sethi put my cartoons as 'Signs of the Times' in TFT. I hated the title. Still do. But that's how some people remember it.

I had two cartoons which featured Sabeen Mahmud during those years. She was part of my Solutions Unlimited in a non-official way. But I don't think that company would have been the same without her.

Although these cartoons will also be on my blog, I though I'd put them up here, too. Just for you, Sab.

The first: 1990

Click on image to see it larger

The second: 1992

Click on image to see it larger

Sabeen appeared two more times in TFT years ago.
You'll see that in my next post.

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