Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I am confused …

Going through the old/new newspaper/magazine reports on Sabeen's assassination I come across so many strange things. How can people lie with a straight face?

Where was that bullet with a note that has been mentioned everywhere in the press? It never happened. If it had, knowing Sabeen as many of us did, we think it would have been in T2F's Meeting Room, with a flower in it — for that's how she would have reacted.

When did Sabeen decide to close down T2F and go fighting for the Baluchistan's oppressed people? She didn't say that to me in all my years of knowing her. She spent hours with me the day she was killed. Where did you get this 'friend' who reported it to you, NYT?

How did Sabeen say that her house was so far from her office, Mama Qadeer? Did you make it up as the interviewer was asking you questions. She lived max 5 minutes away from T2F!

Why did you 'kill' her, Saad? Was it because she was against Abdul Aziz? You said that that once … and then you said you killed her because she was against Qur'an? You then said you killed her because she was anti-Pakistan and was bringing American ideology here? Really? Did you know that she decided to stay here after talking to Dr Eqbal Ahmad years ago: He convinced her about the need to stay in Pakistan instead of going out for a job? Her company (actually our company) put up a website where people could see where they could contribute to places where goods could be carried to the victims, when the Earthquake happened. Her going to APS to help the children and survivors was another place that showed her human side. And she was against Pakistan? You finally said she was anti-Burqa. Wow! Did you know that the first exhibition she held when T2F started was graphic designs by a burqa-clad girl - covered from head to toe - who remained a friend of ours over the years. You claimed to have done a lot, including the 'bomb' that you threw at Beaconhouse (your old school, but a different branch). Hahaha. There never was a bomb. A little pataakha on the road that left a tiny dent when a piece hit the outside wall. No one injured or killed! So what's the deal?

And then there was Babu's assassination. Another event that we saw.
But why was he killed?
You can read the numerous crazy newspaper quotes here.

Are all these crazy reports unbelievable?
Not really … given what we have become.

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