Friday, February 24, 2017

Here's a book you MUST read …

Karima Bennoune
is a
UN Special Rapporteur
in the field of cultural rights.

Read more about here.

She came to Pakistan during a visit
when she was gathering material for her book:

Among others that she met while here,
she also met my friend, Faizan Peerzada,
now no longer with us.

The Twins: Sadaan & Faizan
There is a piece about him in this book,
about their great work,
and his position on freedom of expression.

Karima was also taken to T2F by my wife, Nuzhat,
to meet our wonderful close friend
(and almost adopted daughter)
Sabeen Mahmud.

Although the book was written before Sabeen
was assassinated, the book has a whole
chapter about her and the lovely work Sab did.

Karima's article about Sabeen's assassination
can be read here.

While on our trip to NY last year
my wife and I met Karima.
She said that she was going to write
more about Sabeen in her new book.

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