Monday, October 24, 2016

A Year and a Half

Has it really been that long, Sab?
18 months?

I drink my Coffee every day
from the lovely mugs you gave me.

Remember this in 1988?

It was the first mug you gave me at Solutions Unlimited.
You had just come back from England.
We had hardly talked very much by then.
You were at KGS and came to our office to learn computers.
You fell in love with the Mac.
When you gave me this you were not sure if I would like it,
or would i just say 'Thank You' and put it aside.
I loved it and put it on my table.
Shireen's little son came a little later and saw it.
Poor kid. He started to cry.
Told Shireen that I was retiring.
I would not be at SU again.
Time passed.
Years later, in 2000, you gave me another mug.

There never is Life before Coffee.
(Although now, it seems, there isn't much life after Coffee, either.)
I brought it home and used it for years as my favourite mug.
It was, very recently, in the centre of my mug collection.
Now it is back again with my Espresso Maker.
And you finally gave me this mug.
2013 was when I got it when you came back from UK.

How wonderful.
My favourite book.
Now on a Penguin Mug.
Its the one I drink Coffee from, often.
(I have a lovely picture of you drinking from it)

But today I will put all those mugs away.
I don't ever want to break them.
Shatter them.
They cannot leave me.
But you did!

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